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Other Commercial Licenses

The persons selling and purchasing licenses are responsible for their own terms and conditions. The VMRC will not participate in any negotiations between the two parties. The license regulations are not intended to create any property right in anyone, and the Commission reserves the right to change regulations at any time it deems it necessary because of biological conditions, and to change the regulation in all other respects at any time it deems it necessary to carry out its statutory mission.

The physical transfer of any license must be approved by the Marine Resources Commission. When you are ready to proceed with the physical transfer of a license call (757) 247-2248, for information on how to proceed with the legal transfer.  Note that as of 2009, some inactive crab licensees have been put on a waiting list and are not eligible to purchase an active crab license - make sure when you plan to obtain a transferred crab license that the license will be authorized to actively crab and is not "wait listed" (this should also be checked by MRC personnel when you do the official transfer).

If you are a VA registered commercial fisherman and wish to be added to this list, email the information you wish to post to . You must include your  commercial registration number.  Items more than one year old will be automatically removed; if you would like your information removed from the list earlier please send an email to the address above.

Information is posted in chronological order.

Wish to sell licenses
For Sale: Commercial registration card

Call 757-894-2376, will accept offers

added 2/10/16
For Sale:  300 Pot Potomac Crab License for Sale, $6000. Located in Westmoreland Co. Call 703-919-2723

updated 1/29/16
 For Sale: Commercial Hook & Line



added 02/03/2016
For Sale: Commercial registration card


Call 252-743-7633

added 2/9/16
For Sale: Commercial registration card


call 757-504-5821

added 01/27/2016  
For Sale:  Hook and Line Lic. for $5000.00 or best offer call 757-714-6634

added 1/29/16
For Sale:
Double Crab Hand Scrape license
Class A Gill net permit

Call Tony Pruitt @ 757-709-1306

updated 1/29/16
For Sale:  Commercial registration and
Crab Pot 85 or less, $5500
50 crab pots also for sale, brand new pots have been dipped, 20 dollars each.

Call 757-696-3135

added 1/11/16
For Sale: Commercial hook and line license, peeler pot license, and crab double hand scrape license

Call 757-891-2440 for details.

added 1/20/16
For Sale: Va double scrape license. asking $2500 O.B.O.
Or call 757-709-8854

updated 1/26/16
For Sale: commercial crab pot license up to 425 pots. $20,000.
Contact Ronald Cole at 757-339-4281 or Priscilla Cole at 757-724-6727

added 12/2/15
For Sale: Commercial registration and
Crab scrape double
$3500 O.B.O.

call 757-891-2352

added 12/04/15  
For Sale:  Commercial Registration Card;  accepting best offer.

Contact  443-521-9702.

updated 1/6/16

For Sale:
Commercial Hook and Line License,
$4000 or trade for crab pot 85 or 127

call: 757-236-0868

added 10/29/2015  
Non - Res Class A Fishing Guide License for sale
Contact info : Alan Ring
Selling price : $1000.00

added 11/6/15
For Sale:
Commercial card & 255 crab-pot license, crab-pots & boat.

Call Buck

added 11/09/2015   
For Sale:
Commercial Registration License,
6000 Ft. Gill Net class B.,
Crab hand scrape-double
all for $3700
call: 410-430-7473 or

added 10/20/2015  
For Sale:
Commercial Registration License
$1000.00 Call:
757-477-1111 or 757-484-5976
or email:

added 10/14/2015  
For Sale:
Va. watermans card, and 127 pot hardcrab - asking $10,000


added 10/23/15
  For Sale : VA Conch Pot Permit

Contact Clyde Pruitt JR at 757-999-0446

added 9/17/15
Following Va. Crabbing Licenses For Sale:
Crab Pot License 300/255
Peeler Pot License 300/210
Contact (804)436-5107 for further details.

added 10/1/15
FOR SALE: Commercial Hook and Line License for sale

$7000 obo
Call 757-665-4863

Must have a current waterman card and certain quota per last 2 years for transferring purposes

added 8/18/15
FOR SALE: Hook and Line license, and commercial card with 2 gill net licenses - $9500 O.B.O.
Contact Robert at 757-646-4449

added 8/11/2015
FOR SALE: 285 pot Potomac River crab pot license and registration, $7,000. Please contact (804)529-7657.

added 9/11/15
For Sale:  85 pot license $5000
interested in any offers

Call or text 804-824-1892

added 7/28/15
WANTED: license 85 to 127 crab pot license
contact david at or

updated 08/26/2015
Potomac River Hook and Line License For Sale. 65 tags. $5000.00

Call 804-761-2479 or

added 6/19/15
For Sale: a Double Peeler Scrape License

$ 5000

Contact Michael 804-815-6302

added 6/1/15

For Sale:  Non-Resident Class A Guides license.  $3000.

Contact or 252-473-5710 (home) or 252-473-8460 (cell)

added 5/7/15
For Sale:  VA Commercial Hook & Line License for $5000 or Best Offer.

Please Contact Ryan @ 804-413-2007

added 3/30/15
For Sale: VA Peeler Pot License With 120 Peeler Pots for $8000.

Please Contact Billy 804-642-5451

added 3/30/15
For Sale: VA Commercial Registration License with 85 pot Hard Crab license: $6000
call: 757-789-3738

added 4/10/2015
For Sale:  VA 210 Peeler Pot License

$6000 or best offer. 

Call Doug at 757-602-7673

added 3/23/15
For Trade:  Virginia 425 crab pot license trade for 255 pot license & Rockfish gill net quota. 


added 3/23/15
For Sale:  Peeler Pot license= $4,500.00
Commercial Registration card= $1,500.00
T. Whittaker

added 3/10/15

100.00 a piece
with plumbing

Call 804-815-9183 ROBERT

added 1/26/15
For sale: 210 Peeler Pot license
call: 804-436-2456

added 2/18/15
For Sale:  127 crab pot license, trot line license, commercial card. $8,500
Contact Ken 804-366-2325 or email

added 1/12/15


CONTACT PAUL 757-343-7757

updated 1/14/15

FOR SALE:  crab peeler pot license and a crab hand scrape license $5000.00.

Call  804-761-4280

added 1/21/15


Licenses Wanted

Looking for PRFC ( Potomac River ) H/L
Call Bob, 240-538-7856

added 1/20/16
Wanted: Potomac River - Gill net license & Rock Fish tags 


@ 410-251-0741 or

updated 01/16/2016
Looking for Va.150 pot Hard Crab license.
Cell # 757-709-2470 no answer leave message thanks.

added 1/29/16
Looking to buy a double peeler scrape license. Call James @ 804-815-3849. 

added 5/27/15
Interested in crab pound trap license

Contact Daniel Dise, Tangier, VA @757-891-2315

added 8/12/15
Wanted commercial registration
Will pay cash 1000 dollars
contact Gabe at 757-894-6709 or

added 11/6/15
Would like to buy a current Virginia Commercial card. Please call or text David @ 410-251-4126. 

added 2/27/15
Looking for commercial waterman card, also want a 210 peeler pot license will pay cash.  

Call 804-453-9201 c 804-724-0547 or email

added 3/11/15

For Trade:  300 pot Maryland crab pot license, up to date, no violations, good catch history, ready to use -- want to trade for 300 pot ,Va crab pot license

Contact Rich at 410-335-5848

added 3/30/15
Looking to buy a current commercial license. Call James at 804-815-3849

 added 10/27/2014


Want to buy: 500 crab pot license

added 02/03/2015
Wanted: trade a 255 crab pot license for a 425 pot license. Will pay the difference in cash. Cell phone 410-726-4982, William Welch.

added 7/3/14

Looking for a crab pot license. 115 at least.

added 10/16/2014

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