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Other Commercial Licenses

The persons selling and purchasing licenses are responsible for their own terms and conditions. The VMRC will not participate in any negotiations between the two parties. The license regulations are not intended to create any property right in anyone, and the Commission reserves the right to change regulations at any time it deems it necessary because of biological conditions, and to change the regulation in all other respects at any time it deems it necessary to carry out its statutory mission.

The physical transfer of any license must be approved by the Marine Resources Commission. When you are ready to proceed with the physical transfer of a license call (757) 247-2248, for information on how to proceed with the legal transfer.  Note that as of 2009, some inactive crab licensees have been put on a waiting list and are not eligible to purchase an active crab license - make sure when you plan to obtain a transferred crab license that the license will be authorized to actively crab and is not "wait listed" (this should also be checked by MRC personnel when you do the official transfer).

If you are a VA registered commercial fisherman and wish to be added to this list, E-mail the information you wish to post to . You must include your  commercial registration number.   Please indicate in your request how long you would like your information posted.  Items more than one year old will be removed; if you would like your information removed from the list earlier please send an email to the address above.

Information is posted in chronological order.

Wish to sell licenses
This business includes a Commercial Waterman's License, Gillnet, Fish pot and eel pots, 10' X 24' Barge with holding pens, live tanks, shed with refrigerator and freezer, 18 foot work boat with 25 hp Evenrude E Tec, small amount of tackle, slip at Marina Shores Marina in Virginia Beach. A steal at $10000. Call Butch at 757-685-2737. 

added 4/14/14

Commercial Card $2000, Crab Pot-85 or less $4,500, Crab Peeler Pot-210 or less $4,500, Class A Gill Net License $2,000, Potomac River License 300 Pots $5,000 Page Westman 804-472-2ll7 (Home) or 804-366-7022 (Cell)


added 4/14/14

Crab single hand scrape and Commercial card.  Both for $1,200.00. 757-897-8010.  



added 4/10/14

210 or less peeler pot license for sale. $2,500.
Contact Ken 804-366-2325 or email


added 4/01/14

For Sale:  Crab Trot Line and Crab Scrape-Single.  Best Offer.

Call Mark @ 757-263-7599


added 3/27/14

For Sale: Crab Peeler Pot-210 or less and Crab Hand Scrape-Double. $7,000. Call 443-397-3765.


updated 03/24/14
Currently have an active 127 pot crab license. Would like to trade for an active 85 pot license plus cash. Call 757-695-1044.





added 3/17/14

170 TO 255 crab pot license for sale $12000.00 obo.
call or text Donnie Starke @ 757-288-6360





added 3/14/14
For Sales: Turnkey Ready.

Crab Pot License-177-255, 240 Crab pots. Gill net permit, 2- 600FT Gill nets. Extra Floats, Anchors, etc.. 40 Eel Pots, Eel Live tank.  1990 25FT Parker Cabin cruiser, Fiberglass, Fully equipped w/improvements for crabbing. 225HP Yamaha outboard.  2003 Boat trailer-7500 lbs.  Asking $55,000 OBO Serious Inquires only.  Bob (804)436-1622 OR

added 3/10/14

I have for sale a 210 or less Peeler Pot endorsement. Asking $4000.







added 2/26/14

FOR SALE: Current 2014 VA Commercial Registration License($1,200), Crab Pot 170-to 255 License ($10,500), (1) 1H.P. SS/Al. crab pot puller ($850),
Custom aluminum welded mast, aluminum gaft & electric winch set up for oyster aquaculture work boat or barge. Oyster aquaculture upwellers, downwellers,
tanks,manifold system, custom fiberglass tanks, aeration system, Algae lab setup & equipment, fish baskets, totes, Kolpak Walk in Ref/ Freezer, + misc. Serious Inquires only. Please contact: Ray @ (804)314-8590 or 

updated 3/3/14

For Sale:  Commercial Registration Card and Class A Gillnet.  $3,000 or OBO


added 2/24/14
2 VA Commercial Hook & Line licenses for sale: $6,000 each.  Please contact Ryan 804-413-2007.


updated 2/13/14
Black Drum permit for sale, $2000. 

Contact:  Keith Lewis @757-678-6664


updated 2/10/14

For Sale: 300 Peeler Pot license and Class A Gill net license.  Price is $7000 or best offer.  My contacts are; phone number: 804-436-5923, email:

added 2/7/2014

For sale:  Virginia Commercial CRAB POT-256 TO 425 crab pot license with Commercial Registration card $15,000. License without Commercial Registration card $13,000.00.  Contact Johnny @ 804-761-1227.

added 2/6/2014

For Sale: Virginia Commercial Hook & Line License for sale $6500.00 cash Firm.
Please Call 410-430-7234.

updated 2/5/14

Commercial Hook & Line License For sale $9000. Call 757-672-9266 or email



added 1/10/14

Commercial Registration Card and Crab Pot License- 170 TO 255 pots

Price: $9,500 Serious inquiries only 

Contact- Phone:804-472-2860 

added 1/06/14
FOR SALE: VA Commercial Hook and Line License. $9300. Call Capt. Danny @ 804-761-0908.



added 12/19/13
For sale:  300 crab pot Potomac River Fisheries Commission license, 25-foot workboat and trailer, a 8 by 18 foot trailer to haul crab pots, and 240 square wire crab pots.  Please call 703-517-3157.

added 11/01/13
For Sale:  Crab Pot - 85 or less.  $4,000 call 757-442-4756.


added 9/27/13
Commercial registration card for sale
$2,000 and 85 crab pot license for sale  $4,000 call 804-472-3111 


added 8/29/13
VA Commercial Hook & Line license for sale
Asking $6,800 or OBO (cash only) 


Update 1/27/14

For Sale Commercial Registration Card, 2 600 ft. Gill Nets, 8 Eel Pots, 6 Brand New Fish Totes, $3,500 

Call Eric (757)218-5460

added 8/19/13
Virginia Hook & Line License and Commercial Registration Card.
$9,000.00 total for both.
Serious inquiries only
Call - 757-695-1044

added 7/17/13
For Sale:  Commercial Registration license,  Crab Pot-170 TO 255 and Crab Peeler Pot-210 or less for $17,000.  Please call 757-710-7013.

added 6/18/13
Accepting bids for the following:

Class A gillnet and Crab Pot-85 or less.  Some gear available as well.  Call 757-635-7296 for more information.

added 6/10/13

For Sale: Virginia Commercial Registration and Crab POT-170 TO 255 license. $14,000 firm. Please call 540-498-6280.


added 6/5/13 

For Sale:  Commercial Card and Deadrise Boat 31 foot, Full Hydraulic, with New Oyster Rig.  Call 804-824-0530 for information

$15,000 - Firm, Serious Inquires Only

added 6/4/13
For Sale: A 170 TO 255 Crab Pot Commercial Crabbing License and a 100 Eel Pot License.  Price: $15,000 (negotiable) for both licenses.  Please call Julian Powell at 540-273-8167. 

added 5/31/13
For sale: 170-255 Pot Virginia Crab Pot License $13,000.00
Contact: Jason Clark 757-319-8213

added 4/9/13
For Sale: Peeler Pot License and 90 Peeler Pots 9,000.00
Contact Wade Chatham 804-472-2406 or 804-472-3870


added 4/9/13

For Sale:  Crab Peeler Pot-210 or less

Best offer-call Mitchell Shores@

added 4/01/13
For sale: Crab pot -256 to 425 license and a double crab hand scrape license. Please contact Ted Marshall at (757)891-2576 or


added 3/28/13

Potomac River Commercial Hook and Line Limited Entry Fishing License with tags and flag.  Asking price $9,000 

Contact Christy@

added 3/22/13

For Sale:  Crab Scrape-Double, Crab Peeler Pot-210 or less, Crab Pot-86 to 127 and SR Commercial Registration Card, $10,000.

Contact: Mary at 757-891-2335

added 3/11/13

For sale: Virginia commercial registration card. Serious offers only.  Please call 410-422-2953.


added 3/11/13
Wanted: Trade a 255 crab pot license for a 425 crab pot license. Terms negotiable. Call 757-672-8023.


added 2/27/13
For Sale: 255 or less crab pots license- $15,000.

Contact Mr. Moncure: 540-840-7535 for more information

added 2/19/13
For sale: 210 Peeler Pot License, 100 Peeler pots, and enclosed system shed tank operation with 6 fiberglass tanks. $6,000.00. Please call 757-897-8010.


added 2/19/13
For Sale:  VA crabbing license- 85 or less crab pots license-$5500
Contact Mr. Moncure:  540-840-7535 for more information


added 2/19/13
For sale:  Virginia Commercial Registration and crab peeler pot license, $8,000 or best offer.  Call 757-894-0847.

added 1/25/13
Hook and Line License For Sale $10,000.00
Contact Marc Brown

757-357-4459 or 757-377-7165

added 1/25/13
Non-Resident Class A Guide License for sale: $4,000

Contact Duke @ 252-473-5710


added 1/22/13
33 peeler stands for sale. Also, I have a numerous rolls of wire and some of the traps built. 

Please call 804-761-8293 or email: if interested.


added 1/22/13

For Sale:  Virginia Commercial Registration license, crab pot up to 255 limit license, Class A Gillnet permit; 24 Proline with 150 Johnson, oyster rig mast/boom, crab pot puller, 40 crab pots with extra buoys and frames, ropes.  $35000

Contact or 919-741-9051

added 1/22/13
For Sale:
VMRC Card, $1200 or OBO.



added 12/10/12
100 pot crab license + commercial card + single crab scrape license, class 2 gillnet. $15,000 firm cash only 

added 11/27/12 
For Sale:
VMRC Card, $1200 or OBO.



added 12/10/12
00 pot crab license + commercial card + single crab scrape license, class 2 gillnet. $15,000 firm cash only 

added 11/27/12 
For Sale VA Commercial Card with Class  A Gill Net License and 300 Hard Crab License $15,000 OBO

Please respond by email:

added 8/21/12

For sale, Hook&Line with commercial card.

Call Ed at 757-478-4209. 

added 8/14/12
For Sale:  Commercial Registration $1200 or OBO.

Call Troy @ 804-761-8806 or 804-313-0305

added 6/11/12
For sale:  Commercial registration with 300 pot peeler pot license.

Call Mark at 757-891-2440

added 5/16/12
For Sale:  85 Pot Hard Crab license $2250.00

Call Mike@ 757-709-3970

added 5/11/12
For Sale: A 150 Crab Pot License and looking to trade for a 300 Pot Virginia License. Open to any deals. Contact Leon Price at 804-761-2979.

added 3/21/12
For sale: Limited commercial hook and line license.

Call Mark at 757-891-2440

added 3/12/12
For Sale: 500 crab pot license w/commercial registration $15,000 also 100 crab pot license w/commercial registration $4,500 please call Shannon @ 757-592-4630 

added 3/12/12

For Sale: Commercial hook & line license $8700 

Call David Wright @ 757-286-3842

added 2/06/12
For sale
Commercial Registration License.
Call Mr. Crockett at 410-968-0936


added 1/04/12 

For Sale:  Black Drum Harvest Permit (Gear 353) $3,000.
Contact Wayne at 757-641-4533


added 12/19/11

For sale

Commercial Hook and Line License for sale, $8700.00. Commercial card, $800.00.

757-685-8995 or email

added 8/31/11
For Sale

Commercial Hook and Line - Best Offer
500 Hard Crab Pot License - Best Offer

Call:  Lee Pruitt @ 757-891-2263

added 6/20/11 

For Sale:  VA-hook and line license $8,000 and commercial registration $1,500
Call : Brent Malone

added 6/01/11 

For Sale:  500 pot crab license. $15,000.00. (no trades). 

James Walton. 804-776-9901

added 5/31/11
For Sale:  

Gill Net Permit $1500
Peeler Pot License $4500

Contact: Bill Carney 804-725-9691

updated 6/27/11

For Sale:  Commercial hook & line license $8500.00 

Call Keith Heath @ 757-641-4531


added 4/11/11

For sale: Class A gill net license. $1,500 or best offer.
Call George 757-238-3626

added 3/22/11
For Sale:  300 Peeler Pot License

Contact Phillip @ 804-824-1892 to make offer.

added 2/3/11
For sale: 300 Peeler Pot license for sale, $4500 OBO.

Contact Buck Segar at 540-295-9037
or email:

added 1/18/11 

Licenses Wanted

Wanted: Crab Pot 85 or less or a Commercial crab trot line license. Please call 434-390-4625



added 3/20/2014

Wanted: Commercial crab trot line license. Please call 804-761-1227.




added 3/3/2014

Wanted:  Over 500 Crab Pot, willing to trade 177 to 255 Crab pot plus cash 

Contact: or 757-869-2603


added 2/4/2014

WANTED: 300 Peeler pot license and Pound Net stand,
Will pay cash!

added 10/30/13

Young waterman with a 100-pot crab Virginia crab license looking for a reasonable deal on a 300- or 500-pot license. Will trade 100-pot license. Contact Scott at 757-375-8306 or

added 10/28/13

Wanted:  A VA Commercial Registration card. Please call
Thomas 856-290-5058
Thomas Jr. 856-462-8422
Chris 856-575-2278

added 10/02/13
Wanted:  Virginia Conch (Channel Whelk) Harvesting License.  Please contact Capt. Jim Brincefield at 252-336-4296 or e-mail

added 9/10/13
Wanted: Commercial crab trotline license. Please email Chuck at


added 6/3/13

Wanted: Va. Commercial Registration and Virginia Hook and Line License.  I am willing to pay $8,000 for the two licenses, and up to $8,500 if delivered. Please call 757-678-6116.

added 4/17/13

Wanted: Va. Commercial Registration License.  I have cash and am ready to make a deal ASAP. 

Call 757-678-6116.

added 4/10/13
Wanted: Va. Commercial Registration License.  
Contact: Bill Papa at 410-430-0043 or

added 1/4/13
Hook and line license wanted call 757-375-6780


added 12/5/12
Wanted: Va. Commercial Registration License.  Please contact MJ at (301) 370-5536 or via email at

added 8/13/12
Wanted:  Virginia Commercial Registration License.  Please contact Chris Burns @ 757-694-1985.

added 8/6/12
Wanted: Virginia Commercial Registration License.  Please contact Lynn Sheppard @ 804-436-7696.


added 7/17/12
I am looking for a Hook and Line permit.  Reasonably priced.  Please contact Don at 804-296-6915.


added 7/16/12
Wanted:  VA Commercial Registration license or Registration and crab pot license. 

Contact Ryan 757-615-6707

added 7/3/12
Wanted: 100 pot crab license, reasonably priced, and well maintained crab pots. Also wanted are gill nets 600 feet, 3", 3 1/8", 3 1/4", 3 1/2".

Please contact Lee Deihl at (804)436-5107 or

added 6/26/12

Wanted:  100 Crab Pot License

Contact: Mark@ 757-891-2440



added 5/16/12

Wanted: Va Commercial Registration license 

Call Bill @ 804 456 6299



added 5/4/12
Wanted:  Crab trot line license or crab dip net license.  Lower prices wanted. 

Call Paul Willshire at (757)746-0151 or email at 

added 4/10/12

Wanted:  Commercial Registration license

Contact Chris 757-285-6625

added 4/10/12
Will trade Federal Seabass moratorium permit for Crab Pot License.
Seabass Permit up to 420HP 47' . 
Contact Joe 757-617-2778

added 4/24/12
WANTED: Channeled Whelk
(Conch) Permit
Call Danny @757-787-9158

added 2/6/12 
Wanted 300 or less VA Crab Pot License 
Reasonably Priced 
Call 804-456-6299

added 2/6/12
WANTED: Channeled Whelk
(Conch) Permit
Call Brandon Simpson: 757-376-2413

added 1/10/12
Wanted Commercial Registration License please call Tom at (757)332-6404.

added 10/11/11
WANTED: Commercial Crab Pot License up to 425 POTS.  Has A 255 to work in the deal if necessary.
Contact William Evans @

update 1/19/11

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