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Agency Meetings and Public Notices

March 2017

VMRC - 03/28/2017, 9:30AM

February 2017

Holiday - 02/20/2017 George Washington Day, state offices are closed.

CMAC - 02/21/2017, 4:00PM
[ Agenda | Minutes | Audio ]

FMAC - 02/27/2017, 6:00PM
[ Agenda ]

VMRC - 02/28/2017, 9:30AM
[ Notice | Agenda ]

January 2017

SMAC - 01/11/2017, 4:00PM - Shellfish Management Advisory Committee
[ AudioDraft Minutes ]

ASMFC - 01/12/2017, 6:00PM - Public Hearing - Recreational Summer Flounder
[ Notice Revised Draft Addendum ]

HOLIDAYS - 1/13/2017 and 1/16/2017

VMRC - 01/24/2017, 9:30AM - Commission meeting
[ Notice | Agenda | Draft Minutes with audio ]

Public Notice Information

Links to individual public notices are in the meeting calendar to the left. You may e-mail comments on current Public Notices to:

Oyster Issues Only - Dr. Jim Wesson
All Other Fisheries Issues - Mr. Rob O'Reilly
Habitat Issues - Mr. Tony Watkinson

You must include your name, address, phone, and e-mail address with your comments for the public record. Please keep in mind e-mail is not always reliable. VMRC cannot be held responsible for comments lost in cyberspace.

Note that by law, habitat management permit cases must be advertised in the local papers in the vicinity of the project.  These public notices are not posted on the Commission web site.  Please contact the appropriate Habitat Management Staff in the area of interest to get more information on a specific habitat permit case. Click here to see listing of staff territory assignments.

Public notices related to the Pound Net Siting Public Review Process and the Placement of Shellfish Aquaculture Enclosures on Leased Ground can be found in the meeting calendar to the left or by clicking on the links in this sentence.

Calendar & Abbreviations

VMRC - Virginia Marine Resources Commission
FMAC - Finfish Management Advisory Committee
CMAC - Crab Management Advisory Committee
SMAC - Shellfish Management Advisory Committee
RFAB - Recreational Fishing Advisory Board
CFAB - Commercial Fishing Advisory Board
SWFTAC - Saltwater Fishing Tournament Advisory Committee
ESORC - Seaside Eastern Shore Oyster Replenishment Committee
HMAC - Habitat Management Advisory Committee


All meetings held at 2600 Washington Avenue, 4th Floor, Newport News, VA  23607 unless otherwise noted.  Many committee dates are tentative. Check with VMRC Fisheries Management Division to verify date, time, and place (757) 247-2200. Shellfish Committee and Seaside Eastern Shore Oyster Replenishment Committee meetings - verify, date, time and place by calling (757) 247-2120.

Previous Year's Calendars

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Other Calendars

Commonwealth Calendar
MAFMC Calendar - (302)-674-2331
ASMFC Calendar - (202) 452-9110

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