MRC Licensing and Permit Information

In general, most activities associated with utilization of marine resources require licenses or special permits. Our agency Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page often has quick answers to many questions, but if you have a more in depth question about licensing or permitting try using the following links to find out where a license or permit is required, how to obtain a license or permit, license sales information, MRC staff contact information for specific types of licenses or permits, and the restrictions associated with certain activities.

Commercial Fishing Licensing, Permits and Registration

Fisheries License List and Fees - list of licenses and associated fees along with what type of license agent sells the license.

Fisheries Permits and/or Limited Entry - description of permit requirements and application procedures. Description of limited entry fisheries. Staff contacts for specific fishery permits.

Shellfish Fisheries Information - this web page is managed by the Commission's shellfish Conservation and Replenishment Department, and has several links to web resources related to shellfish licensing, permitting, aquaculture and harvesting.

Fisheries Licensing Agents - list of MRC agents and agency offices where commercial fishing, charter/guide licenses, and other miscellaneous license sold by MRC license agents can be obtained.  Note that recreational saltwater licenses are sold by DGIF agents or in the DGIF online system, visit this web page to learn more on how to obtain your recreational saltwater license.

Fixed Fishing Devices (FFD) Licensing - licensing information related to pound, staked gill, fyke nets and crab traps.

Commercial Quota, License, Shellfish Lease Sales - a web page leading to listings of individuals interested in buying or selling commercial licenses, quota, or shellfish leases.

Recreational Fishing Licensing, Permits and Registration

Saltwater Recreational Fishing License Requirements - specifics on recreational hook&line license, this page also links to the online recreational saltwater license sales site, and for unlicensed anglers requiring a Fisherman Information Program (FIP) registration, there is a link to the online FIP registration site.

FIP Registration - information on FIP Registration for unlicensed anglers.

No Cost Recreational Species Permits - for selected species like trophy striped bass, grouper, tilefish and cobia a no cost permit may be needed by an angler in addition to their regular paid license.  Use the web link to the left to obtain your free permit.  Note that these permits may only be available during the time of year a specific recreational fishery is occuring.

Recreational Crabbing and Non-Hook and Line Fishing Regulations - rules for recreational fishing or crabbing by means other than hook and line.

License Sales Information

            Commercial Licenses
            Commercial Registration Licenses
            Recreational Use Licenses for Limited Commercial Gear
            Recreational H&L, Charter, Pier, and Rental Boat Licenses

Habitat Permits

Habitat Permits - description of permit requirements for projects associated with tidal wetlands, sand dunes, and subaqueous bottoms.

Habitat Permit Territory Assignments - map of state with MRC staff assigments for habitat permits.

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